About Us

Hello Magnifico’s :)

Welcome to Forever Magnifico !

The Story Behind The Blog Name :

Magnifico is an Italian word for “Gorgeous“. The reason for opting an Italian translation is to show off our love towards the famous Italian fashion brands – Armani, Fendi, D&G, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, etc.

Magnifico is also termed as a person of distinguished rank or appearance. We at FM believes a women should always stamp a notable impression whenever she is placed under the spotlight.

Here is where the Forever Magnifico comes into play offering you a daily scoop from the world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. You can discover on our blog makeup and skin care product reviews, outfit post, styling tips and tricks, makeup tutorials, nail arts and more.

Faces Behind Forever Magnifico :

Her Story :

Vipra Patil – Founder of Forever Magnifico who is also a Bio-tech graduate and holds a MBA degree but her love for fashion and makeup has earned her the label of Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. She is a stylist at heart and a full time scouter of all things classy and quirky.

Beauty Stats :

  • Vipra has a medium skin tone that falls under MAC NC 30-35 with a oily-combination skin.
  • Her hair are long and straight with an oily scalp.
  • Reviews and product experiences are compiled in accordance to the above mentioned profile and may vary from person to person.

His Story :

Abhijeet Kank – Brother of Vipra Patil and better half of Forever Magnifico. IT engineer for resume sake and a photographer at heart. Four F’s that plays vital role in his life are Food, Fashion, Football & Foto ;). He can be lablled as a freelance photographer, amateur writer, fashion & tech blogger.

Team :

Veera Patil : Social media co-ordinator. She handles FM Twitter, Google plus and Facebook feeds.