4 Bacca Bucci Shoes Every Man Must Have

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Recently when I was searching to gift my baby brother pair of good looking shoes I bumped into Bacca Bucci collection. Bacca Bucci houses tons of smart and cool looking shoes which will style your feet for every occasion. The brand states “They encases your feet and protect them in great style” and true to their word I was smitten by the style and variety of shoes on offer. The collection was soo alluring that I was confused on how many pair should I gift my brother so I picked 4 of my personal favorites and left the ball in his court for the final call.

My survey for his gift let me to scribble on a blog post where I would be sharing with you all 4 Bacca Bucci Shoes every man must have in their wardrobe.

Sneakers :

Sneakers are footwear of the moment which offers a sporty, cool and stylish look to men’s outfit. For years they were considered soul-mates for denim and casual tee look but lately fashion designers have labeled them friends with formal suits too.

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Slip-Ons :

The comfy characteristic of slip-Ons have made them staple in our shoe arsenal. It goes beautifully with denim or chinos and offers a sportier and edgy feel to one’s outfit.

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Oxfords :

Black leather oxford is a must have in every man wardrobe. Its one go to formal shoe beneath a blue denim or black suit. Formal shoes are classy, stylish and adds that touch of sophistication.

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Moccasins :

Moccasins are semi formal shoes that offers your office look a more fun feel. They can be mixed with your dressy look or dressy sports look. They look amazing when paired with chinos or trousers plus go beautifully when teamed up with formal shirts or collared t-shirts.

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Comment below which shoe style would you love to flaunt ?

By Vipra Patil – Mumbai Blogger
Forever Magnifico (Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog)