Colorbar ‘Keep Blushing’ Blush Brush

Hello Magnifico’s :)

A working Saturday is not a good start to the weekend :( but an eye candy product lifted my soul and saved me from the weekend blues :D

To the twilight of 2013, I got addicted to blushes and bronzers and there was this times when I started to play with variety of Blush Brushes. Colorbar ‘Keep Blushing’ Blush Brush is a result of that try and error method ;) – Its not a solution to my woes but a decent option which I have latch onto until I find my Mr.Right in “Blush Brush” department. 

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (7)

Let’s get into the thick of things with a more detailed report on Colorbar ‘Keep Blushing’ Blush Brush :)

Product Report :

Look no further if you’ve been searching for that happy blush you get when your heart’s been racing ! This pretty pink brush applies just the right bit of color to take every skin tone from drab to fab in a flash.

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (5)

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (3)

Price : Rs. 450

Type : Blush Brush

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (8)

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (1)

My Experience with the Product :

Colorbar blush brush has a plump white body with black ferrules that house these cute pink bristles that will seize your attention and lure you for its purchase – Colorbar enticing packaging plan did worked on me for sure ;) :D.

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (6)

The “OMG-This-Is- So-Cute” bristles are “Not-So-Awesome” quality wise – I experienced them to be very harsh during first few applications which later settled down on a more softer edge yet they does feel scratchy at times. So lately, I switched back to my TBS blush brush and now I only use it only when my TBS brush is soaking :D.

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (2)

Few decent traits I can jot down about the brush are – The dense fluffy brush helps to pack decent enough pigment on the cheeks & The round curve contour assist in pretty good blending experience (I have minus the harsh feel it pops to my soft skin).

I have reviewed the blending brush & smudger brush from Colorbar earlier. Though they are pretty much effective compared to this one, Yet I face the same issue with all of them – These brushes doesn’t provides me a professional touch. I always swing back to the better option when I’m trying to achieve a certain look for parties or blogging purpose. Honestly, at that price and quality I can say these brushes can be a nice option for beginners or say can be used for more on a daily basis were we keep our make-up pretty simple.

Colorbar 'Keep Blushing' Blush Brush - Review (4)

I discover a pro and a con when I wash this brush & that sums up why this brush is filled with mixed emotions on every aspect – It doesn’t fades or stain but does sheds a lot on every wash.

Striking Features :

  • Attractive pink bristles.
  • Packs a decent enough color.
  • Blends decently.
  • Doesn’t stains or fades on washing.

On the Mediocre End :

  • Feels harsh & scratchy on the skin.
  • Does sheds heavily.
  • Bit pricey with the quality on offer.

FM’s Ratings : 3/5

I would bring down the curtains by saying There are other options at that price tag 

#TickYourPick Question : Girls do you get lured with packaging over the quality of a product ? Share your experience ?