Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (11)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) – EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD

Hello Magnifico’s :)

I’m Back !! After a week long break due to the Laptop Saga which is still on – I finally decided to steal my bro’s and come alive in the blogging sphere ;)

I missed each and every bit of this world that have been an important part of my life. I realized over last 6 days that Forever Magnifico is just not a blog for me but It is something that keeps me alive :).

I missed you girls out there – Your Lovely comments, Blog posts and Social fun – For now, I’m Back and I’m Loving it to the Core :)

Hope everyone had a great feast – I had one awesome Diwali !! I wanted to post all the fun live but couldn’t but no worries ;) Here is the drama from Day 1 of My Diwali Delight :)


Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (10)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (4)


Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (3)


Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (11)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (9)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (5)


Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (7)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (1)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (2)

Diwali Delight (Day 1) - EOTD, NOTD, FOTD & OOTD  (6)

Saree was customized by Beloved MOMMA :*

Shimmer Material (Beige) : Samrat, Santacruz Market.

Green Lace : Samrat, Santacruz Market.

Gold Accessories : From My Mom’s Jewel Box ;)

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  1. Vipra,

    YOu look stunningly beautiful and gorgeous make over <3 :) I LOved ur hair and eye makeup too <3 :)

    • Thanks a bunch Sweets :*
      Love <3

  2. Loving the whole look and the fact that u’re back with a BANG..quite literally :)

    • Hehehehe :D Thanks Hun :*
      Love <3

  3. Wow you look so different – so ravishing – gorgeous and extremely beautiful ! also loved the NOTD !

    • Awww .. You just made my day babe :*
      Love You for those lovely compliments :)
      Thanks a ton <3

  4. Such an awesome look Vipra. You look so pretty and gorgeous darling and that saree is fab. Caviar nails, lovely eyes. I am loving it totally :)

    • Thanks a ton sweetie :*

  5. love the look head to toe ! such a pretty saree i love that color :) and yr eye makeup is so subtle & wearable ! Thumbs up babes !!

    • Thanks a bunch sweet heart :*
      Love <3

  6. You look so beautiful dear!!! :) Good to see a post after a long time! <3 <3
    I could not take pictures as I was not well for the past so many days. Loved your sari.<3

    • Awww .. I hope your fine now babe .. Means I will be missing on those sexy festive eye makeup of yours :(

      Thanks for the lovely compliments Darling :* <3
      Its great to be back ;)
      Love You :)

  7. soundarya… loved the saree n whole look… nice co- ordinated make up n hair.. ekdum jhakaas <3 :-*
    ur still posting abt ur hair care routine.. waiting!!!

    • Hehehehe .. Gosh !! Your Marathi compliments – I missed them ;) :D
      Thanks a ton Babe :*

      Yeah – I will try and do it soon sweets :D Lazy Me ;)

  8. You look pretty Vipra! Loved everything about your outfit.

    • Thanks a ton Babe <3 :*
      Hugs 'n' Kisses ;)

  9. you look so pretty! loved the eye makeup!

    • Thanks Darling :)
      Love :*

  10. U looking gorgeouse.. the cavair nails… and ur saree Look.. ohh lalala.. !! The customized saree is awesum.. <3 <3

    • Thanks a bunch Poo sweetie :*
      I missed you girls :) <3 <3 <3

  11. That is truly one compensating post for your week long absence :) love to have you back and be here always ;)

    • Hehehe :D Thats so sweets :*
      Thanks Dear :)

  12. Looking beauuuutiful!! I love the saari, the makeup and the golden caviar nails too!

    • Thanks Babe <3 :*

  13. OMG stunning you looks gorgeous and the saree looks elegant Vipu :D

    • Thanks a ton Rads Darling :*

  14. hey Vips!

    I also did green and golden eotd on diwali…

    Lovely saree and you look super gorgeous…

    • Thanks dear :)
      I missed on many post during this week – Gonna check all of them soon ;)

  15. You are looking so pretty Vipra :) muaaaah

    • Thanks a ton Babe :*
      Muah <3

    • ritika
    • November 8, 2013
    • Reply

    oh m Geeee…vipraa..i am ur fan now..ur eyes,nails,face,saree..all are amazinggg!!
    love ya baby!!

    • Hehehe .. That’s soo special babe :*
      Love you too alot <3 <3 <3

  16. Loved the whole look, Vipra. Very elegant. And the nails are lovely as well.

    • Thanks a ton Sweets :*

    • nids
    • November 8, 2013
    • Reply

    stunning vips… u looookkk great <3

    • Thanks Darling <3 :*

  17. YOu look beautiful dear :) love d eye makeup..

    • Thanks sweetie :*
      Love <3

  18. Gorgeous pics Vipra! U look Absolutely stunning! Loved the complete look! That NOTD is Just WOW!

    • Thanks a ton Babe <3 :*

  19. What a come back Vipra, loved everything from your outfit to your makeup to your nails, I mean everything, you are looking stunning ;)

    • That’s soo sweet of you dear :)
      Thanks a ton darling :*

  20. How do u manage to look soo good Vipra!

    • By the way love those golden caviar nails!!

      • Thanks Sweets :) <3

  21. Look who’s back! :D :D Loved the whole look Vipra.. <3 <3 and your neck piece is real cute :)Great EOTD & NOTD too :P :P

    • Thanks Hun <3 :*
      I missed this place ;) and you all lovely girls :')

  22. My Gosh!
    You Look Every Bit Beautiful!

    From Your Lovely EOTD To Your Lovely Smile, Everything Magnifico :)

    Btw, What’s d Peachy Lip Color? It Looks Exactly Like Inglot FSL 23

    • Awww .. Thanks a ton Hun <3
      This is a very special comment as someone for first time called me a Magnifico - Love :*

      Its a camera flash that makes it peachy .. Actually its a nude fusion of MAC Velvet Teddy topped with L'oreal Lippie Golden Vanilla :)

  23. So so Beautiful! Loved it! The sari the makeup! WOW!

    • Thanks Darling :*

    • sushmita M
    • November 9, 2013
    • Reply

    If I b a boy… i would have def propose u.. me total fida.. U r so beautiful :D :P

    • Awww .. Thats so sweet :*
      Love you Baby <3

    • sushmita M
    • November 9, 2013
    • Reply

    Give a brkdown as well wat u have used :P :D

    • Surely I will sweets .. Pretty soon :*

  24. WOW!!!
    u look stunningly beautiful n elegant Vipra
    Loving the last pic of urs a lot

    • Thanks Dear :)
      Lots a Love <3

  25. OMS, you look stunning.. No doubt why its said that Indian girls look best in saree. Loved it

    • Hehehe :D Thanks a bunch sweetie :*
      I agree – Me too love Sarees alot <3

  26. you look lovely :)

    • Thanks Dear :)

  27. You look so pretty, love your last pic and your eye makeup.

    • Thanks Dear :)
      Love :*

  28. ah-mayy-zinggg!! Vipra you look so elegant and royal! And I love the fact that you make an effort to go into the details of every aspect of your look in all the photos-be it the impeccable makeup, nails, hair or outfit and not just lazy the way i tend to be! :) and speaking of outfit, the saree is gorgeous and the drape is beautiful!! I’m in need of some supplies for a customized blouse to wear to my cousin’s wedding..now I think I know where to head to! Thanks for the market info! ;)

    • Awww .. Thanks for going into the details of appreciating my work sweet heart :) That’s really too cute and very sweet of you <3
      and do check the market - They have great collection - Drool worthy stuff in store .. I'm sure you gonna love it <3
      xoxo :*

  29. Wowww, how i missed this post! You look sooooo beautiful honey, love , love your saree and makeup!

    • Thanks a ton Babe <3
      Kisses 'n' Hugs :)

  30. you look so elegant Vipra….the color really suits you

    • Thanks a bunch sweet heart :)
      Love <3

    • Buttercup
    • November 11, 2013
    • Reply

    Wow, beautiful Vipra!!
    Must really appreciate your mom’s effort & creativity for customizing the saree

    • Hehehehe :D That’s so sweet of you dear :* Thanks Sweets :*
      She is one of the best I have seen in my life when it comes to creativity ;)

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