Bringing Fashion Forever Outings

Hello Everyone !! :)

I’m super excited to share my experience about an awesome event held yesterday at Rude Lounge, Bandra (Mumbai) – BFF Outings :)

I have attended many exhibitions in the past but BFF Outings was a very unique and stand out accessories exhibition I attended till date. I was a nervous fresher entering to the BFF Outings with me and my bro being the early birds to the event added to the anxiety but once I entered inn – It was an altogether a complete different scenario – Amazing ambience, Beautiful terrace set up  and Eye catchy collection got rid of the early butterflies in my stomach. A very warm welcome by the celebrity hair-stylish and makeup artist Ishita Khanna (BFF owner) brought me to a comfort zone. Then I settled into the shopping mood. :)

Lets take a look at the talents displaying their art and skills:

The Accessories Station

The Accessories Station

The Acc.Station helps you organize your accessories in a more stylish manner. This was my chance to meet Sakshi personally as we had a conversation a month ago when I ordered a stylish yellow color Bag stand from her. So I grabbed the chance to have a look at her other creative stuffs. :) I couldn’t resist myself from buying cool Jewellery stand at an affordable price (Thanks for the concession ;)).

She is very sweet and friendly. It was nice meeting her :)


Pink Color Bag Stand – I own a Yellow one ;)


L-R : Jewellery Stand – Ring Boxes and Accessories Holder

They had a beautiful designer bag collections that included trendy Handbags, Sling bags, Clutches, etc in eye catching prints. I bought a floral pink and brown combo sling bag. I overall liked their collection.


Guess the one I bought home ;)


Beautiful Printed Bag

Designerds had came up with lovely printed sling bags and wallets. I bought gorgeous blue color abstract print sling bag from her. Butterfly and birdy print bags where highlight from her collection.


Butterfly Print <3


Design Nerds

Larissa’s We Love Customade tagline reads – “I paint, I create, I customize” – Trust me she does – and does it all outstandingly. I didn’t got anything from her for now :( but I have a wall painting lined up in near future :)


We Love Customade


Customized iPhone cases from We Love Customade

Customized iPhone cases from We <3 Customade


The Rummage

The Rummage had some cool accessories on display in accordance with the on-going trend. I bought exquisite golden charm bracelet.


Accessories Beautifully Presented :)


Pipa + Bella had some beautiful neck pieces, cuffs and earrings. I didn’t purchased from her but she had a charming collection.

Accessories by Pipa + Bella

Accessories by Pipa + Bella

There were many other stalls showcasing their art and had some amazing collection. Here are pictures to prove my verdict ;)

BFF.png BFF2.png

I really had a great time and came across some wonderful people. I came home with a smile :) , some amazing purchases and few new friends. I will be doing a haul on it very soon ;) Stay tuned :)


Note: The above listed labels have been linked to their official FB page – You can have a look at their collection.

OOTD for the event – HERE.

Location: BFF Outing, Rude Lounge, Opp. Globus, Hill Road, Bandra (West).