Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier Review

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Today, I’m about to share my views on a nostalgic syrup that most of us tasted at least once as a teenager while dealing with those ugly pimples – The Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier. It was a go to weapon in my mom’s arsenal to tackle acne since it has no side effects on the skin. So 3 weeks prior to this year’s festive season, I turned my attention towards this magic potion to keep my skin smooth and clear. Keep scrolling to find out whether I was successful in taming my skin issues with Safi.

Product Report :

Safi’s blend of essential herbal extracts keeps your skin pimple free and glowing. There is neem which purifies the blood and keeps it free from almost every skin disease. Chiraita keeps the skin toxin free while senna keeps the stomach clear and as a result your skin and tulsi which improve blood circulation and help your skin shine. Taken regularly, Safi is an effective pimple fighter, healing the skin and making it look radiant naturally.

Quantity : 500 ml
Price : Rs. 152

Ingredients : Sana, Sheesham, Sandal, Gilo, Harar, Chiraita, Nilkanthi, Neem, Tulsi, Chob Chini,  Keekar, Brahmi, Kasni, Unnab, Revand Chini, Qand Safaid, Shora Desi.

My Experience with the Product :

The black color syrup is housed in a transparent plastic bottle. The packaging is neat, sturdy and can be carried around as I never faced any leakage issues.

The liquid comes in a blackish colored syrup consistency. Coming to its taste, I felt the syrup to be a bit on unsweetened end.

Being a beauty blogger, I always depended on my skin care products to take care of my blemishes and if they failed, I always had my cosmetics to fall upon. But for the first time, I decided to go the natural route to solve my skin issues from the root with the help of Safi Blood Purifier. I consumed it religiously for 3 weeks and the results on offer were pretty evident. My skin felt more smooth and fairer while the acne marks started vanishing gradually.

Our stressful lifestyle and bad eating habits lead to pimples and blemishes, Safi with its army of 28 unique herbal ingredients claims to deal with the issues from within your system by cleansing all the impurities present in our blood in order to offer a flawless skin.

Apart from adding a glow to my face, Safi have also helped me to improve my digestion which with time would help me get slimmer. What more can I ask out of a syrup that merely cost me Rs. 152. For all the ladies and teens out there, I would highly recommend to add this economical solution to your skin care ritual to deal with your skin care issues. The product definitely stands tall to its claim and has no side effects.

FM’s Rating : 4.7/5

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By Vipra Patil – Mumbai Blogger
Forever Magnifico (Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog)