Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico !

Exactly a year ago, on a lovely January morning, A pretty girl sitting near her french window – with a cup of coffee in her hand and millions of thoughts on her mind. She pulled out a single and the most passionate thread from the bundle of thoughts and named it Forever Magnifico

Yes ! Today -The Thought – The Beauty & Fashion Blog Forever Magnifico – My Baby has completed a year ! <3

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (1)

The moment is very special – I’m honestly speechless – In true sense Today I felt the moment when you really run out of words to express yourself or rather say words can never ever express the moment – Its simply magical ! – Someone Pinch Me – is this real ?

I still cant believe its been a year – A journey of a lost soul from being Miss Unknown to a Self-Employed Proud Beauty Blogger ! I started with a thought of sharing my love for make-up and fashion on a social front in order to be creative and invest my time but soon it turn into passion and now an obsession – It’s now one of the most important part of my life. It provides me with sense of pride, respect and makes me feel Alive ! – Its a day of Pride – It’s a call for Celebration – Celebrating my happiness, my joy and my success with all of you Magnifico’s  out there :)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (6)

It’s a journey that just wasn’t mine but had many influential people who helped Forever Magnifico grow and stay rooted over these 365 days – I would like to Thank My Parents for supporting this crazy beauty blogging kidda :D – Love You alot se bhi zyada Momma and Dad <3 :* <3 :* and My Lil Naughty Sissy for considering me as THE most gorgeous girl on earth and treating me one :) – She have encouraged me alot and later comes my Nerdy Sweet Bro – I seriously think I would have been done and dusted with this blog stuff in couple of months without him – IT engineer by profession – He is been one hell of a part of this journey – His OOTD clicks, editing those pictures with watermark, the technical stuff – those plugins and HTML codes that I still face a tough time to crack and hopping onto cosmetics counters alone asking for girly make-up stuff – The lad has done everything for Me and Forever Magnifico – So Thanks a bunch dear :)

Ab yeh tou ho gayi Family ki baatein . . .

Now, Its time for my Gorgeous Family I created in this beautiful blogging sphere – I would first love to speak on the “Super Six Sweet Hearts” that have been there for Me like always :)

Niesha (Niesh) : She was the one who really took me from a pond to the ocean of beauty blogging – I didn’t even know her properly at that time – She liked my blog and the Sweet Heart did a introduction post on me on her famous blog “Indian Beauty Forever” for literally no reason – I owe you big time girl – All I can say for now I Love You Babe <3 :* Thank You sooo much :)

Jasmine (Jazz) : She is one gorgeous soul I knew before I entered in this blogging world :) – Thanks to her I got chance to witness such majestic events and I really consider myself lucky enough to meet a person like Jazz – Its not because she sends me those invitation that makes her special to me but the warmth, the fondness I feel in her presence takes the cream. Why would an established person in certain field be nice to an unknown quantity than – Its because she is honest, soft-spoken, surely a Sweet Heart and grounded to earth – very humble. Thanks Darling – Thanks for Everything – Love :* <3

Radha (Rads) : She is been one Magnifico – I till date irritate with silly pings. In early phase due some technical glitch my blog used to not respond on my end and I used to go crazy thinking “I’m Hacked” and stuff :D – Next Step – Ping Rads “Please check naa dear is my blog showing up”, “are those comments showing up” blah blah blah and the Sweet Heart Rads used to take this Nautankis in her busy schedule with a smile :) – So Thanks a ton Sweetie <3 :*

I will mention Tejinder (Teji) and Poonam (Poo) in same para – Cos these two crazy soul are branches of the same tree ;) :D – Two crazy girls who have been encouraging me right from outset with their lovely comments and chats. Praised me honestly every time and made me feel special :) Thanks Dearies <3 :* Love You Both alot :*

Lastly and the most recently discovered Sweet Heart – Renji :) – She have pampered me and showered alot of love through her honest comments and praises – I really feel delighted and unique as a result of her sweet words :) & She even send me a Christmas gift – Totally surprised and felt special through her gestures :) – Thanks Darling – Love You <3 :*

Well these are not only the six people but there are many more who have been encourging me, supporting me and pampering me and Forever Magnifico with loads of love – There is Riya, Ritika, Raji, Heena, Tarry, Natasha, Anamika, Arzoo, Shalini, Preeti, Nisha, Megha, Gow, Sushmita, Pearl, Poorva, Shikha, Tanmayee, Esha, Shivi, Anusriya, Sayantini, Sahana, Swati, Shreya,  Richa, Rachna, Anusree, Lisha, Nids, Somdatta, Bharti, Shweta, Sugandha, Rakhshanda, Aditi and many more I’m sorry in case I missed out on someone :)

Thanks Dearies for the Love and Support :) and Lastly all those thousands of Magnifico’s who visit, read and love Forever Magnifico – Thank You All :) <3

Leaving you with images of the Celebration from Last Night ;)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (3)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (7)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (2)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (8)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (5)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (4)