Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (4)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico !

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico !

Exactly a year ago, on a lovely January morning, A pretty girl sitting near her french window – with a cup of coffee in her hand and millions of thoughts on her mind. She pulled out a single and the most passionate thread from the bundle of thoughts and named it Forever Magnifico

Yes ! Today -The Thought – The Beauty & Fashion Blog Forever Magnifico – My Baby has completed a year ! <3

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (1)

The moment is very special – I’m honestly speechless – In true sense Today I felt the moment when you really run out of words to express yourself or rather say words can never ever express the moment – Its simply magical ! – Someone Pinch Me – is this real ?

I still cant believe its been a year – A journey of a lost soul from being Miss Unknown to a Self-Employed Proud Beauty Blogger ! I started with a thought of sharing my love for make-up and fashion on a social front in order to be creative and invest my time but soon it turn into passion and now an obsession – It’s now one of the most important part of my life. It provides me with sense of pride, respect and makes me feel Alive ! – Its a day of Pride – It’s a call for Celebration – Celebrating my happiness, my joy and my success with all of you Magnifico’s  out there :)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (6)

It’s a journey that just wasn’t mine but had many influential people who helped Forever Magnifico grow and stay rooted over these 365 days – I would like to Thank My Parents for supporting this crazy beauty blogging kidda :D – Love You alot se bhi zyada Momma and Dad <3 :* <3 :* and My Lil Naughty Sissy for considering me as THE most gorgeous girl on earth and treating me one :) – She have encouraged me alot and later comes my Nerdy Sweet Bro – I seriously think I would have been done and dusted with this blog stuff in couple of months without him – IT engineer by profession – He is been one hell of a part of this journey – His OOTD clicks, editing those pictures with watermark, the technical stuff – those plugins and HTML codes that I still face a tough time to crack and hopping onto cosmetics counters alone asking for girly make-up stuff – The lad has done everything for Me and Forever Magnifico – So Thanks a bunch dear :)

Ab yeh tou ho gayi Family ki baatein . . .

Now, Its time for my Gorgeous Family I created in this beautiful blogging sphere – I would first love to speak on the “Super Six Sweet Hearts” that have been there for Me like always :)

Niesha (Niesh) : She was the one who really took me from a pond to the ocean of beauty blogging – I didn’t even know her properly at that time – She liked my blog and the Sweet Heart did a introduction post on me on her famous blog “Indian Beauty Forever” for literally no reason – I owe you big time girl – All I can say for now I Love You Babe <3 :* Thank You sooo much :)

Jasmine (Jazz) : She is one gorgeous soul I knew before I entered in this blogging world :) – Thanks to her I got chance to witness such majestic events and I really consider myself lucky enough to meet a person like Jazz – Its not because she sends me those invitation that makes her special to me but the warmth, the fondness I feel in her presence takes the cream. Why would an established person in certain field be nice to an unknown quantity than – Its because she is honest, soft-spoken, surely a Sweet Heart and grounded to earth – very humble. Thanks Darling – Thanks for Everything – Love :* <3

Radha (Rads) : She is been one Magnifico – I till date irritate with silly pings. In early phase due some technical glitch my blog used to not respond on my end and I used to go crazy thinking “I’m Hacked” and stuff :D – Next Step – Ping Rads “Please check naa dear is my blog showing up”, “are those comments showing up” blah blah blah and the Sweet Heart Rads used to take this Nautankis in her busy schedule with a smile :) – So Thanks a ton Sweetie <3 :*

I will mention Tejinder (Teji) and Poonam (Poo) in same para – Cos these two crazy soul are branches of the same tree ;) :D – Two crazy girls who have been encouraging me right from outset with their lovely comments and chats. Praised me honestly every time and made me feel special :) Thanks Dearies <3 :* Love You Both alot :*

Lastly and the most recently discovered Sweet Heart – Renji :) – She have pampered me and showered alot of love through her honest comments and praises – I really feel delighted and unique as a result of her sweet words :) & She even send me a Christmas gift – Totally surprised and felt special through her gestures :) – Thanks Darling – Love You <3 :*

Well these are not only the six people but there are many more who have been encourging me, supporting me and pampering me and Forever Magnifico with loads of love – There is Riya, Ritika, Raji, Heena, Tarry, Natasha, Anamika, Arzoo, Shalini, Preeti, Nisha, Megha, Gow, Sushmita, Pearl, Poorva, Shikha, Tanmayee, Esha, Shivi, Anusriya, Sayantini, Sahana, Swati, Shreya,  Richa, Rachna, Anusree, Lisha, Nids, Somdatta, Bharti, Shweta, Sugandha, Rakhshanda, Aditi and many more I’m sorry in case I missed out on someone :)

Thanks Dearies for the Love and Support :) and Lastly all those thousands of Magnifico’s who visit, read and love Forever Magnifico – Thank You All :) <3

Leaving you with images of the Celebration from Last Night ;)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (3)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (7)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (2)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (8)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (5)

Happy 1st Birthday Forever Magnifico ! - Indian Beauty & Fashion Blog (4)

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  1. Congratulations! :)

    • Thanks Sweets <3 :* :)
      Love You ;)

  2. Awwwww….So sweet of u Vipi :*
    Congratz a ton darling for completing an amazing year :)
    U have a great se v great blog & am a big fan of urs ever since I came across ur blog <3
    Keep this enthuasism on….. Loaaaaadddddddssss of Love <3

    • That’s really sweets of you Hun :)
      Loads of Love <3
      Thanks for your wishes :*

  3. Awwwww Sweety this is so great. A big congratulations to u and a hug to ur baby FM! even though i found out about ur blog pretty late but it didn’t take much time to become one of my favorites! I wish u alot of success and may FM reach many new heights. Thank u for mentioning me. Its always a pleasure to read ur posts xx

    • I had been fan of your lip swatches babe from a long time and when u came up with your blog – I loved it :)
      Thanks a ton for wishes Hun <3 <3 <3
      and Teddy Hug from Me n FM ;) :*
      Love :* :)

  4. Vow.. congrats on a new milestone… may u have many more in the future .. Thanks for mentioning me … Rads Niesha & Tejinder r all beautiful people i met thru blogging….
    All the best for ur future blogging.. waiting for some more orange make up posts.. hehehe :P
    Chal aata mala party pahije laukar :D :p

      • tejinder
      • January 9, 2014
      • Reply

      n u r my darlin nats <3<3
      Hugs :*

    • Hehehehe :D Surely the Party is On Babe ;)
      I would have love to share this happiness with you all beauties :*
      & I will surely come up with more Orangey posts – I think mera jadoo tujhpe bhi ho gaya :D
      Thanks a bunch for those lovely wishes <3 :*
      Love :)

  5. Congrats dear <3

    • Thanks Darling <3 :) :*

    • Ghayu
    • January 9, 2014
    • Reply

    Congratulations Vipra! <3 Love your outfit posts the most, keep them coming :-)

    • Thanks Hun :) :*
      I will surely come up with many more <3

  6. congrats dear <3<3

    • Thanks Hun :* :)
      Love <3

  7. awww ur blog is awesome sweety :)
    and personally i’ve a huge crush on ur lip swatches *blush blush* and its always a treat reading all ur posts! keep going and happy birthday :*

    • Awww .. So Sweet of you Babe <3 :*
      I love your lovely comments :)
      Thanks a Ton for the wishes :*
      Love <3 :)

  8. Happy Birthday FM :) Looking gorgeous :) cake looks yummm

    • Hehehe :D Thanks Sweet Heart <3 :*

  9. Many many congratulations my dear!! <3 <3 You totally deserve all the success in this sphere. :* :* Your sister is so right, undoubtedly you're extremely gorgeous and have that innocent charm. There's always been a pleasure coming here and reading your posts with beautiful pictures.. Thank you for your sweet words dear. :) :) It was all a fruit of your hardwork and sheer talent. Many more anniversaries to come. Love you.. Muahhh.<3 <3

    • Awwww .. You made my day double special sweetie :*
      You have always been soo encouraging and sweet with your beautiful words :)
      Love You alooot <3 and You really deserve all of those sweet words coz you are one Beautiful soul <3 :*

  10. Congratulations :) Love your blog and specially the cute pics :) Thanks for the mention <3

    • Thanks Babe <3 :*
      Love You :) <3

  11. Congratulations!!! wish you lots of success and happiness. I love your outfit post and your smile is cherry on the top.. God bless you

    • Awww .. So Cute <3
      Love You Babe :*
      Thanks a Ton for those sweet wishes :)
      Muwwahha :* :)

  12. A big hug to u sweetiee for this milestone..w ish u many mor esuch wonderful birthdaya nd loads of makeup..
    U got an orangey coral coloreed cake.. ;) Lollzz.. u orang obsessed girl.. ;)
    Aww. tahnks a tonn for that special mention dear.. I am so delighted to have such a lovely friends like u .. <3 <3

    U have got such a lovely family.. God bless u all.. :) :)

    and dont miss to send across my piece of cake .. ;) .. it looks yumm!!

    • Thanks Sweetie for those lovely words :*
      Me too blessed and lucky to have you :) – You been a sweet heart that always encouraged me :) – Loads of Love <3
      HUgs 'n' Kisses :* <3
      & I would love to share the orangey cake with you my dearie :* :* - Wish you were here :)

  13. Vipra, congratulations!! I love your blog and it is as magnificent as its name, thanks for the mention, I love reading all your posts!! :* :* Many more to come, wish you more success in the future!!

    • Thanks a Bunch Babe for the lovely words <3 :)
      You are too cute :* :* :)
      Love <3

  14. You are rocking Vipu happy happy wala b’day for your blog Baby <3

    • Hehehe :D Thanks Rads :) <3 :*
      & Thanks for always being there for me :)
      Love and Hugs to You Sweet Heart <3 :*

  15. Congratulations Vipra….the cake looks yummy :p

    • Hehehe – Indeed it was ;) :D .. Love You :)
      Thank You for the Wishes :)

    • tejinder
    • January 9, 2014
    • Reply

    First of all many many congratulations darling <3<3
    Thanks for mentioning my name ..U r such a sweethrt <3 n what i will say abt ur blog.U r already a star darling..
    I love ur OOTD n lip swatches a lot..N supersexy fotds <3<3
    Gud luck n wish u a lots of happiness n success in ur life ..Love u…Hugs n kisses ..Muahh :*:*
    I met number of lovely ppl in this blogging word n just one word i say..all r awesome n love u all <3<3.

    • Awww .. Thanks a Bunch Teji <3 :*
      Darling you are always soo sweet and soft spoken and very caring towards Me :)
      I Love You Babe :)
      Thanks for those sweet wishes :) <3
      Hugs 'n' Kisses

  16. Congrats sweetie

    • Thanks Darling :) <3

  17. With such an awesome blog and amazing posts…u sure would win many more hearts in the near future! You are a pretty girl with a big lovely heart and a strong mind, no one can stop u from achieving and getting what you looking for!
    Three cheers to the 1 year old baby! Hip hip hurrayyyyy!!!

    • P.s. I hope the Shivi u mentioned above is me! ( lol)
      Thanks a lot! :)

      • Hahaha – Yeah its you Sweetie :*
        Love You <3 :)

    • Awwww .. You are soo sweet :)
      Thanks a Ton for those lovely encouraging words <3 :*
      Loads of Love <3 :)
      Kisses 'n' Hugs ;)

  18. Heartiest Congratulations Vips! We love ur blog so much. Love all your post. All the best for future!

    • Thanks for the lovely wishes Babe :* :)
      Love <3

  19. congartulations dear :D

  20. Happy anniversary dear! Wish you many more successful years ahead! :) u have a wonderful blog!

    • Awww .. Thanks Sweet Heart <3 :)
      I always Love your comments :) - They really make me feel wonderful :)
      Love <3 'n' Kisses :* :*

      • Aww *big hugs* to you! :* ♡♡ n ur fotos have come out so well!! You look so cute! Next time cake ke sath, gifts bhi lena!! Afterall, blog’s bday is like khudka bday na! :D

        • Hahaha .. True Babe ;) I have shop this time too :D bas haul nahi kiya ;)
          Thanks Sweets :*
          Love You <3 <3

  21. Congrats on this milestone :) So So thoughtful of you dear :) you mentioned my name, so sweet ….. I feel loved ………..

    • Awww .. You deserve it babe – You have always been sweet with your words and pampered alot of Love towards me :)
      Love You <3
      Thanks for the wishes Sweets :*

  22. YAY Congrats hun. What a great milestone.

    • Thanks Babe <3 :*

  23. Congrats Vipra :) the cake looks super yummy :D

    • Thanks Babe :)
      I would have love to share a bite of that super yummy cake with you Hun ;) :*

  24. Congratulations Vipra! And thank you for mentioning me dear :*
    Lve your blog, love your posts! May they keep coming forever! Lots of love :)

    • Thanks Sweetie :* :)
      Loads of Love <3 <3
      Hugs 'n' Kisses

  25. Congrats Vipra :) I wish many many successful years ahead of you :) :) :)

    • Thanks Babe <3 :)
      Love :* :)

  26. Wow, congratulations on achieving this milestone. Wish you many more ahead. Lots of love and hugs

    • Thanks a Bunch Sweet Heart <3 :) <3
      Love :*

  27. I wish you many more more more happy birthdays to come for FM sweetheart <3 YOu deserve more and I love ur posts always, I knew taking best pictures for posts is such a pain in A**.. I could see you constantly improve in taking pictures day by day <3 Kisses and my lots of love to you babe <3

    • Aww .. So Sweet Hun :*
      Love You Too :) <3
      I agree its a pain in a** but that's the most alluring part ;)
      Thanks for those sweet wishes :*
      Kisses 'n' Hugs :*

  28. aawwww.. such a nice and heart touching post it is <3 many many congratulations for completing one year of FM <3 I really love your blog, its posts, pictures and everything about it :)I can see how much hard work you do in this pretty sweet blog…I truly wish many more birthdays for FM <3 <3 hugs and kisses <3

    • Awww .. That’s soo sweet of you Babe :) .. Those sweet words means alot to me :)
      Love You Hun <3
      Thanks for the lovely wishes :*

  29. Tons and tons of congratulations darling….hope you achieve many more such milestones :)
    Hugs to you :)

    • Thanks for the wishes Darling <3
      Hugs 'n' Kisses :* :)
      Love <3

  30. Sorry for responding so late dear Vips…

    Firstly, congos for completing a year darling… I know its a big achievement and u have all the reasons to celebrate and enjoy… Have a piece of cake from my side too…
    Thanks a ton for mentioning me dear…. u are one of the sweetest people I know and somehow i feel really connected to u a lot… Love ur blog and can’t miss it for anything… have fun and enjoy lot more blogging annivs :)

    • Thanks Babe <3 :*
      Its better late than never ;) :D
      I love you sweetie ;) - Me too have an instant connection with you Hun :* .. Thanks for those sweet words and lovely wishes :)
      Love <3 <3 .. Hugs 'n' Kisses ;)

  31. Congratulations Vipra !! I love your style of writing and specially those OOTDs, way to go girl

    Thanks for the mention (Hoping its me) :) Hope to see “Forever Magnifico” growing leaps and bounds <3

    • Thanks Hun :)
      This coming from you means a lot :) and Yes its obviously you sweet heart :*
      Love <3 <3
      Kisses 'n' Hugs :)

  32. Many congratulations to you sweetheart… wish you loads of success in future. I love how bubbly you looking in the pics… <3
    God bless!

    • Thanks Babe <3 :* :)
      Love You :*

  33. Hey Happy Bday FM! and congrats Vipra!
    One full year of blogging and loved to hear that your siblings too suported you. My elder sis is always busy in bullying me :(

    • Thanks Babe <3 :* :)
      Awww .. In my case I'm the elder one :D but I still bully her ;) out of love :) but that's part and parcel of being sisters ;)

  34. Congrats girl .. u make one fab person and awesome blog .. wish u success :)

    • Thanks Sweetie <3 :* :)
      Kisses 'n' Hugs :)

  35. Congrats sweetie!! you deserve this and much more success!! all the best for the future :) <3

    • Thanks Babe <3 :* :)

  36. Awww Im so sorry dear, I missed to wish you on your special day, stupid me, didn’t see your post anywhere, I’m so sorry dear, saying this with whole heart, and happy first blog anniversary sweety, you totally rock , I just love your reviews, your OOTD pics which are just amazing, your super duper easy tutes, your looks, everything and you just look amazing in the above pics.

    • Awww .. That’s Cool Sweet Heart :) Sometimes posts take a day or two to get display on FB timeline ;)
      I Love You Babe <3 :*
      Thanks a Bunch for the Lovely Wishes <3 :*
      Kisses 'n Hugs :) :*

  37. congragulations Vipra

  38. congrats dear. :)
    and the cake…….!!!!!!! :P

  39. I am visiting first time but loved your blog and would like to congratulate Magnifico and you….keep blogging!

  40. Congrats Vipra <3 way to go :)

  41. Hi Vips, at first, congratulation for completing one year sweetheart! I love your blog, you have your own unique style, love your writing skill, makeup and outfits! Now let me say that you are looking breathtaking gorgeous in every pics!My orange queen…i think it’s just your color baby<3 Love, kisses and hugs <3

    • Awww .. Thats really sweet of you Babe :)
      You made my day with those beautiful n sweet words :*
      Thanks a Bunch Hun <3
      Loads of Love <3 <3 <3
      Kisses 'n' Hugs :* :* :*

  42. The First Thing I Noticed! The Orange Cake :P Ahaha!! Cutie :D

    Big Big Congo To You >:D< \:D/

    Parents Are The No.1, Aren't They?! :)

    Hope To See Your Creative n B'fully Written Posts In Future More n More :)

    • Yeah Parents are THE most Precious thing in the world for everyone :) Mine are the coolest too ;)

      Hehehe :D Orange Cake is surely the Show Stopper here ! :D
      Thanks for those Lovely wishes and sweets words Hun :*

      & will surely come up with more and more of these in future ;)
      Love You Babe :*

  43. Many Many Congratulations to you dear!
    I got hooked onto FM from the very beginning….Truly enjoy your outfits posts, Reviews & Tutorials!!
    And your 60 Watt Smile is the best of all… :)
    Thanks a ton for mentioning me dear…Love Always! :)

    • Thanks Babe :* <3
      Those sweet words from you mean alot to me :)
      You are a sweet heart :* and someone I have met in personal - I still have a fond memories of that day :)
      Love You Babe <3

  44. Congrats Vipra! Loved ur blog to the core and may u reach many more milestones!

    • Thanks Babe :*
      Love <3

  45. awww…..so sweet of you!!!
    Congrats on completing one successful year of blogging!!!
    Wishing u many more!!
    I can tell u, u are one amongst those sweetest friends I have ever met thru blogging!!!!
    Right from the layout, the way of writing, ur super cute photographs..everything adds value to ur blog!!!

    Wishing u all the success sweetie!!!!!!!

    10000000000000000 hugs!!!!

    • Thanks Sweetie <3 :*
      Same feeling at my end :) .. You are one of the sweetest person I met through blogging <3
      Love You Alot :)
      Muwwahhaa :*
      10000000000000 Hugs ;) :D

  46. Congrats dear ! I just love your blog and love love your writing style ! You are truly talented and I Wish you all the success in this world !
    Always Keep Smiling Dearie
    Loads of Kisses

    • Thats So Sweet of youe Sweets :)
      Love You <3 :*
      Hugs 'n' Kisses :* :)

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