Kaya Skin Clinic Experience – Back Shine Therapy

Hello Magnifico’s :)

Last Friday I took a day from my work and went ahead to pamper myself at Kaya Skin Clinic where I was invited for a free session in order to experience their service. I had a choice to pick from the following four services – Clear Fresh Oil Control, Aqua Radiance, Skin Lightening Miracles & Back Shine Therapy.

I elected Back Shine Therapy as I love to flaunt my back during festive seasons but when it comes to taking care off it – It’s the most neglected part :(.

Service Report – Back Shine Therapy:

The skin on your back is one of the most neglected areas. A patchy, dull skin marred with acne, scars and pigmentation is a sign of neglect, but with expert care from Kaya Skin Clinic, get pampered and discover a radiant, flawless back that will ask you to show it off with pride.

Kaya Back Shine pampers your skin by first cleansing the back and then following it up with Skin Polishing & Brightening using Microdermabrasion to remove the dead layer of superficial skin. Your skin is then exfoliated revealing new skin that is clearer and smooth.

Pre-Session Steps:

  • The attendant ask me to change and offered a sterilized gown which was packed in a brown paper envelope.
  • She later covered my hair using a disposable head cap plus she herself followed few hygienic rituals – She sterilized her hands using hand sanitizer and wore a mask.
  • I was ask to lie down on stomach and relax :).

Products & Equipment:

Kaya Skin Clinic Experience - Back Shine Therapy  (2)

Kaya Skin Clinic Experience - Back Shine Therapy  (3)

Back Shine Therapy Procedure:

  • It started with cleansing procedure – where she used cleansing milk all over my back and later washed it using a wet napkin. Followed by patting my back dry.
  • Attendant Glacia first experimented and tested solutions and equipment on a small portion of my back to check whether it shows any kind of reactions. Its just a precautionary step to check those very rare cases – Normally the therapy is suited for all skin types.
  • Powder Solution (Aluminium Oxide Cartridge) and Sterilized Nozzle which were going to be used on me were fresh and packed & were opened for the first time in front of my presence. Every customer are allotted new set of products which I consider is very hygienic and caring from their end.
  • She started with Microdermabrasion process from the neck area up to my waist line slowly and neatly. Areas which needed attention where offered extra care and efforts. For example, I have few spots which were caused long back due to some allergy – Those marks were provided extra attention. She suggested me for few more of Back Shine Therapy will completely get rid of those marks (Honestly, I’m giving it a sincere thought :)).
  • She dusted off the excess powder, washed my back with wet napkin and pat my back to dry again. She finished off  by applying sun-scream.

Kaya Skin Clinic Experience - Back Shine Therapy  (1)

Precaution Post Therapy:

  • Apply Sun-scream with min 15 SPF.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight (Try and avoid stepping out in sun between 12 PM to 4 PM).
  • No Swimming, Body Spa or Sauna for a week.
  • No Bleaching or Waxing for a week.

The session lasted for 30 minutes and results are very much visible. I felt my skin soft and even toned – I really had a divine of a time and loving the wonderful result on offer.

Back Shine Therapy normally takes about 4 settings and each setting will cost you about Rs. 4000. Its a bit on costly end but I would say worth every penny invested as results are visible from 1st session. I would definitely recommend it before festive seasons and for To Be Brides :) – As we love to flaunt our back through those deep back dresses or through traditional blouse ;).

Note : Sessions required for results to take place may differ from person to person depending on the degree of concern.

P.S : It was a experimental session offered to me for free of cost but my review is honest and best to my knowledge.