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My Hair Affair Story for Garnier Fructis

Hello Magnifico’s :)

I’m soo excited to announce that Forever Magnifico has its Youtube Channel now :)

Beauty Blogging is no cake walk and you have to discover new and different dimensions to your success everyday. When Garnier India mentioned FM in a tweet asking me to share my #HairAffair story – I thought to nail it with a special touch ;).

I captured my hair affair story in stills and complied to output Forever Magnifico’s 1st video to describe the journey in a more delightful way.

So here it is – The video I have been bragging about :).

Hope you Magnifico’s like it :)

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  1. That’s such an amazing news Vips, congrats for your yt channel and you look so pretty in the video, loved to see you talking :D

    • Thanks Girl :)
      Great to see you back in action ;) .. Would definitely try to talk in the next one sweets .. still have those butterflies in my stomach during the shoot :D

  2. Congrats for your Youtube channel Vipra. You look beautiful as always :)

  3. Your hair looks amazing!!!

  4. Congrats for the YT channel :) Your hair are gorgeous. Nice video.

  5. Such a cute video.. Loved it :)

  6. Super lovely! :*

    • Thanks Sweet Heart :) <3

  7. Woo hoo.. congos on the YT Channel :D :D You look beautiful and I loved that childhood pic :)Your hair :sigh: just lovely!

    • Awww .. Thanks Sweets :)

  8. It is soo nice you have someone to shoot the video! loved it !

    • ;) My Bro Rocks :D ;)
      Thanks :)

  9. Congratulations Vipra!! Looking forward to more videos :)

    • Thanks Dear :)
      I will upload one soon :) <3

  10. congrats for your channel :) :) i already love ur blog so much, im so excited for ur videos too now :D

    • Awww .. So sweet of you dear :)
      Love & Thanks a Bunch ^_^

  11. congragulations gal and all the success to u :)

  12. lovely video dear

  13. wow!! That’s a great new dear!! I missed this. Heading over to YT to watch and subscribe. :) <3 <3

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