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Today I’m gonna review my collection of Nutri Shine lipsticks from Loreal Paris.



Product Report:

Nutri Shine by Color Riche comes up with a two most precious elements, on one hand there’s Royal Jelly which melts onto your lips leaving back a luscious glossy shine with a non-sticky finish.

On other hand there is Shea Butter, enriched with vitamins A, E and F helps nourishing and smoothen your lips.

Nutri Shine by Color Riche comes in 15 various shades.


Price: Rs.785


My Experience with the Product:

As soon as I saw Sonam Kapoor flaunting Nutri Shine lipstick in Sandalwood Beige (#301) in a monthly magazine, I was off to l’oreal counter with my turbo boasters..

I came home with 5 shades namely Sandalwood Beige (But naturally ;) ), Pink Beige, Strawberry Juice, Shiny Grape-fruit & Golden Vanilla..


These lipsticks come in a very elegant & lavishing packaging. The mirror outer finish not only looks attractive but also helps for the application while travelling. So thumps up for being helpful during travelling..


As I have a fetish for glossy shades so this range are meant for glossy lovers – like me ;). It can be applied easily as it has a flat slanting front end. It has a smooth texture and glossy finish with pinch for shimmer effect. These shades fall under sheer to medium coverage. Shea butter helps nourishing and moisturizing the lips leaving back soft & supple impression.


The l’oreal attendant said it stays up to 6 hours but I found out it stays for around 2-3 hours. It vanishes after a heavy meal so reapplication is a must.


I use Sandalwood beige (pinkish nude soft shade) on a day to day basis as it complements most of my casuals and formal attire. Golden vanilla (soft nude shade) helps me keep my lips minimal when I go with a bold eye make-up (for e.g. Smokey eyes). Shiny grapefruit (Prefect pink shade) complements my western outfits. I find it a proper girly shade ;) . Pink Beige (somewhat peaches orange) and Strawberry juice (Juicy red) are well pigmented shades which balances great for me with my ethnic wear.

If you have dry lips and like glossy shades this range is Right Pick for you..!!

Sandalwood beige (#301)

Sandalwood beige (#301)

Golden vanilla (#302)

Golden vanilla (#302)

Pink Beige (#421)

Pink Beige (#421)

Strawberry juice (#500)

Strawberry juice (#500)

Shiny grapefruit (#102)

Shiny grapefruit (#102)


L-R (Sandalwood Beige, Pink Beige, Golden Vanilla, Strawberry Juice, Shiny Grapefruit)

L-R (Sandalwood Beige, Pink Beige, Golden Vanilla, Strawberry Juice, Shiny Grapefruit)


Striking Features:

  • Lavishing and travel friendly packaging.
  • Smooth texture and Non-sticky finish.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes dry lips – Acts as a lip balm.
  • Glossy Finish ;) +1 from a glossy lover.
  •  Shimmery effect.
  • Wide range of shades to select from.


On the mediocre end:

  • Low staying span.
  • Few shades don’t cover pigmentation.
  • Soft shades won’t go with all skin tones (dusky to dark).


My final take:

As the tag line reads “Nourishes like a Balm, Shines like a Gloss…!!”

Care and color both in one trendy stick, hereby making it a perfect rejuvenating solution for your lips. Loreal stands on what it claims. I’m having a great Personal experience. I Love them and surely recommend them.


Ratings: 4.5/5