Hello FM readers,

I’m going to review Faces Magnetix Nail Lacquer, which I seized recently from Faces outlet (Infiniti Mall, Mumbai).

(Plum shade)



Product Report :

Presenting new Faces magnetix, the latest style rage for the young & vibrant. Choose from any of the two magnets – one creating smooth waves & the other diagonal stripes. Better still, grab both. Available in 10 striking shades – Go ahead, apply it, magnetize it, flaunt it, and stand poles apart from the rest.

Price: Rs.549

Quantity: 9.8ml



My Experience with the Product:

Magnetix nail lacquer plum shade gives a maroonish color with hint of silver shimmers. I was very happy to discover perfect plum color in a single coat. On the freshly painted nail I have to quickly place the magnetic cap to get my nail magnetized, within 40 seconds I had alluring metallic wavy finish. I loved the color quality of the shade plus the magnetic effect was definitely a big attraction.

But on the other side of the coin this nail lacquer didn’t lasted even for a week. May be a top coat could help it last for a longer span. One need to be place cap very carefully, it took me couple of practice sessions before being an expertise at it. Also I found it very time consuming as I need to magnetize one nail at a time.

Directions to use:

Step 1: Shake the bottle well and separate the top magnetic cap from the bottle (Keep the cap handy for immediate use).


Step 2: Apply two coats (I got the perfect plum in single tough ;)) but REMEMBER – one nail at a time.


Step 3: Quickly hold the magnet over the nail before it starts to dry, Keep it 3mm away using comfort groves on the cap (Attention – Do not touch the nail).


Step 4: Hold it still to ensure you get a perfect pattern. Remove the magnet cap after approx 40-50 seconds (They claim 20 seconds but didn’t happen in my case :( )

Step 5: Repeat the same for rest of the nails. (Hmm. . .I know it’s time consuming)



Striking Features:

  • Trendy and attractive nail art.
  • Two magnetic patterns in one shade (Waves & Diagonal Stripes).
  • Available in 10 alluring metallic shades.
  • Good color quality.

On the mediocre end:

  • Time Consuming as need to magnetize one nail at a time.
  • Lesser staying span.
  • On an expansive side.

Ratings: 3.75/5

So how many of you going to repel or attract to this MAGNET. . . ?