Gillette Venus 30 Days #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

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There’s no better time than a Saturday morning. A long lazy crazy weekend awaits ahead. I’m going to complete one of the wish from my bucket list today which I will update you through my Instagram later in the day. I’m pretty excited and now all I need are good vibes, smiles, my favorite dress from the wardrobe and my Gillette Venus Razor to keep my skin peeper ready.

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That bring us to the final update from series Gillette Venus 30 Days #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge. In this 30 days span, I have used the razor to the extent where the blades got fueled out and need to be substituted. This event leads to another myth that is going to busted today. I have seen girls throw away the razor after few shaves with a mindset that razors are only for use and throw. Well gone are those days !

Here is the Gillette Venus razor that comes with interchangeable blades which allows you to change the blades after using it for certain amount of time period. Now you can renew the blades after a satisfactory usage for much lesser price tag while using the same razor.

I recently ordered myself set of 4 cartridges from Flipkart which cost me around 500 INR while the new razor with only one blade would have cost me 395 INR. Now that’s some real savings. So hands down shaving using the interchangeable blade mechanism of the Gillette Venus razor is the most economical hair removal system.

Myth Busted – Razors are only for use and throw.

Gillette Venus 30 Days #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

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By Vipra Patil – Mumbai Blogger
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