Top 5 Alternatives To Gold For The Bride Of Today

Here’s What To Wear When You Want To Ditch Gold On Your Wedding.

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If you think the big fat Indian weddings are all about the beaming bride glittering in the yellow metal, then it’s time to think again. The bold and quirky brides of today are increasingly experimenting with alternatives to gold. While the traditional gold continues to have a significant presence in the market, the modern Dulhan, is ready to welcome myriad options to her trinket box. From pearls, to diamonds, to solitaires, she isn’t hesitant to try these charmers on her D-Day.

So if you are a rebellious bride, here’s what to buy when you want to bid gold, goodbye.

Pristine Pearl Jewellery :

Pearls have adorned many a royal crown in the past, and their charm continues to allure till date. Strings of pearls make an elegant bride. Pearls are a reflection of the real you, your true self and a manifestation of your unpretentious soul.  Opt for a multi-stranded pearl necklace or a large choker with matching pearl earrings. So all you beauties, if you are ready to break the convention, then the pristine pearls are just for you.


Colorful Stone Work :

All those brides who want to add colorful hues to the bridal opulence, the colorful gemstones are just for you. The gold jewellery with stone work is the ideal mix of tradition and modernity.  Ditch the traditionally engraved gold pieces for the intricate stone work. Thanks to their versatile charm, these colored gemstones are a huge hit among the jewellery fanatics. Fine stonework on the gold base allows brides to be fair to the costume without giving up on the love for gold.

From radiant rubies to gorgeous green emeralds and scintillating sapphires, colored gemstones just dazzle at the altar. Whatever be the color of your wedding outfit, you can always select from the bespoke bridal jewellery collection.


Sparkling Solitaires :

Sparkling solitaires are just what you need to ditch the gold. Solitaires are the perfect way to show your classy sense of style. The statement pieces made of single diamonds make heads turn while keeping the sophistication intact. It’s no secret that Brides adore solitaires These breath taking dazzling beauties are all that you need to rock your wedding attire.

From a solitaire necklace to matching earrings, nose rings and bangles, bridal jewellery indeed gets redefined with these stunners.


Dangling Diamonds For The Daring Brides :

It takes guts to say no to gold. But we know the brides of today are daring enough to do so. Diamond Jewellery is the ideal substitute for the yellow metal. Ruling the hearts of modern day women, diamond jewellery is no wonder making a dazzling presence in the wedding selfies. Go for a bib necklace crafted with diamonds or choker with big matching earrings to cast a spell on the guests.


Stunning Silver :

Though, the most inexpensive among precious metals, silver never fails to create the magnetic charm. Bringing a fresh breath of change, silver bridal jewellery is for the unconventional you.  To get that much-needed bling along with the classiness of silver jewellery,, look for those with colored gemstones or American diamond setting.


Platinum Jewellery To Pose As A Perfectionist :

Wedding is an affair to remember for the lifetime. Those who don’t want to be tagged as an ordinary bride, may prefer platinum over gold.

The jewellery that accentuates the silhouette of heavenly brides may not be too glittery. As sometimes, the sophistication and romance of platinum also do wonders. The love of platinum further plays the role of a cupid in a wedding, and so are a perfect pick to solemnize this day of eternal bonding.

We do realize, how choosy women can be while picking up their bridal ornaments. And why not ? After all, prepping up for D-day doesn’t come easy. Time constrains can further add to miseries. But hey, no worries. Online jewellery platforms like CaratLane instantly come to your rescue. Such platforms allow would-be-brides to finalize the bridal jewellery with their bridesmaids within the comforts of their homes. So go ahead beauties, wow while taking your vows.


By Vipra Patil – Mumbai Blogger
Forever Magnifico (Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog)