YouTube Fanfest 2016 with Clean & Clear 

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Today, I would love to share one of my favorite pass time which is watching Youtube videos for hours during my free time. Be it from beauty, fashion, comedy or music genre but whenever I log on the tube, there is a fresh content that keeps me entertained. So I was very excited, when Clean & Clear offered me a chance to attend the YouTube Fan Fest 2016. They also offered me chance to not only see my favorite youtubers perform live at the NSCI Dome, Worli but also gave me chance to meet and greet my most favorite youtuber in person before the event.

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So what I did at the event, which was my favorite performance and whom did I met at the meet and greet session. All this and much more as you scroll down this post.

First up was my meet & greet session with the brains behind my beloved YouTube series named “Pretension Mobie Reviews” – none other than Kanan Gill & Biswa. They both came across a very warm, chilled out and happy personalities. I had a quick talk on appreciating their work and also conveyed my eagerness to watch their next episode. A selfie for the memory and good laugh concluded the session. If you have watched their work, you know they are very funny, quirky and witty which they maintained beautifully at the meet and greet session.

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Later, Me along with the winners of the Twitter contest that was held my Forever Magnifico in association with Clean & Clear moved on to the Clean & Clear booth installed at the #YTFF event. The booth setup was pretty cute and colorful. Here are the glimpses through the FM lens.

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The winners were asked to write down their skin problem on a balloon and burst it. The idea was to convey the message that with regular use of right Clean & Clear products you can burst the fear of your skin problems and try to #SeeTheRealMe in you. Winners left the scenes of the Clean & Clear booth with smiles, goodies and a picture for their memories.

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Last but not the least, we entered the thrilling ambiance of the main event and trust be the vibes inside the auditorium instantly gave us goosebumps. The event kick started with a kick-ass performance from Nucleya. There was no looking back after that performance as the tempo, talent on show and our voices kept getting a notch higher with every performance. It was a night to remember as my favorite Youtubers like Superwomen, Sanam Puri, Shirley Setia, Kanan Gill, Connor Franta, AIB, EIC, Abish Mattew & Being Indian took the center stage in front of mammoth crowd and nailed the show to perfection. Here is sneak peak into few moments I captured through my lens.

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I would like to thank Clean & Clear who sponsored the amazing YouTube Fan Fest to offer me a chance to witness my favorite YouTube personalities performing live and create a memory that will last with me for a lifetime.

By Abhijeet Kank – Mumbai Blogger
Forever Magnifico (Indian Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog)

Photo Courtesy : Abhijeet Kank